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Arginine and its Effects on Anti Aging

How Arginine Works
Arginine is an amino acid that is present in many foods. Since amino acids are known as the building blocks of life, it is logical that this substance is actually very important for maintaining good health. Normally we get enough of this acid by eating meat, fish, poultry and dairy products.

However, some people need higher doses, especially endurance athletes or who wish to gain strength and muscle mass. However, recent studies show Arginine as an anti-aging substance and show that this amino acid also helps maintain a healthy heart.

This nutrient, less known than the others, is actually very important. This is why some choose to take as a supplement to their daily diet. Many companies specializing in nutrition provide pure forms of this amino acid.

Role of Arginine in Slowing down the Aging Process 

For many centuries, scientists have been trying to find the secret of enduring beauty, the elixir of youth or some pills to slow down aging process. Although this is more like science fiction, however, modern beauticians have already claimed some achievements. Problems of aging are also associated with a change in the hormonal balance. With age, the body no longer produces growth hormone and slows down the production of sex hormones e.g. testosterone and estrogen. In addition, the liver cannot produce sufficient amount of Arginine.

The average life expectancy of human being at birth was 71.0 years in 2010-2013. But The Gerontologists claim that our body is programmed to live no less than 120 years of active life! Providing the body with sufficient daily intake of Arginine can increase your life. In 1998, scientists discovered Arginine.

The team of scientists has been awarded the Nobel Prize for its discovery. The study of the properties of Arginine was done in the 90s, but the unique properties have recently been found.

What is interesting about Arginine? 

 Our body is able to synthesize their own L-Arginine up to a certain age. Arginine is necessary for a number of processes in our body in needed for all age groups. But after 30 years, body stops synthesizing this amino acid or at least decreases its synthesis. Arginine can be ingested in food to compensate for this decreased synthesis. Arginine has the ability to slow down the aging process and has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body, including the skin. It has role in stimulation of the immune system which protects the body against germs and foreign cells.

Arginine helps cleanse the liver from toxins, improves the functionality of the pancreas. It also has a beneficial effect on the vascular wall, which increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, heart muscle, and genitals. Apart from slowing the process of aging, Arginine helps body get rid of extra fat and build the necessary muscle mass.

That’s why it is very popular among athletes and for those who simply want to get rid of excess fat. Therefore, it is being used in many preparations successfully. It is also used in various cosmetics because of its beneficial effects on skin.

Why Arginine is important for athletes? 

This substance may well prove to be the Holy Grail for many active people. Arginine is a "precursor" of the nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator (a substance which dilates blood vessels). Thus, it dilates the blood vessels and allows a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body. This advantage is important for those who are physically active.

Muscles will be provided with a greater number of vitamins and minerals. In addition, this effect is very important for cell repair, which allows men and women to recover faster after high intensity training sessions. Arginine could help fight against dementia and heart diseases (due to dilatation of blood vessels).

Recommended dosage 

Normally, this depends entirely on the person's daily requirements. As mentioned earlier, this amino acid is present in most foods we eat. So for those who have adequate oral intake and don’t need very high doses, there is generally no reason to take larger quantities. For young adults, the mean dose should be between 750 mg and 1500 mg. It is often mixed with another substance called Ornithine to boost its absorption rate.

Side Effects 

Fortunately, there are very little side effects and those observed are relatively mild. The most common can include head pain and restlessness. It can also cause recurrent herpes in those who are already infected. Long-term benefits of using Arginine.

A growing number of studies have suggested that Arginine has a number of anti-aging properties. It plays a role in cell repair and transport of nutrients in the body, it is obvious that taking this substance could improve overall health and, over the years, may even help prevent heart disease or other co-morbidity seen with increasing age.


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